Sorting documents is a machine's job.

With Paperwork, scan or import your personal documents and find them back in a snap

Keep it simple

Paperwork will help you sort all your papers by turning them into searchable documents. It's simple: just scan and forget. Looking for a specific paper? Just type in a few keywords and tada! You can search across your PDF files too!

Stay in control

Paperwork stores everything under a single directory, which makes backing-up your documents easy. This folder can also be synchronized on many computers with tools like Nextcloud, Syncthing, SparkleShare, Shared folders, etc. Paperwork uses only common standards such as JPEG, hOCR and PDF, so you are not locked in any way.

Intelligent sorting

You like keeping your stuff tidy? Add colorful labels to your documents and keep them sorted! With time, Paperwork will learn which label goes where and will automatically apply them on new documents.

And much more

Give Paperwork a try and discover other features, like automatic page orientation detection, quick page editing, and many more!


Because it is a requirement that you stay in control, and because we are proud of what we do, Paperwork is distributed as Free Software. We welcome contributions too!