's Projects


Paperwork is a personal document manager. It is the main project on

Anonymous usage statistics are available.


PyOCR is a Python library simplifying the use of OCR tools like Tesseract or Cuneiform. This library is used by Paperwork to run OCR on documents.


Libinsane is a C library to simplify the use of scanners on both GNU/Linux and Windows. This library is provided with bindings for many programming languages (Python, Javascript, Vala, etc) thanks to GObject Introspection. Paperwork uses Libinsane to access scanners.

Scanner database

This scanner database contains details about scanners and scanner drivers. It is useful to improve both Libinsane and Paperwork.


C and Python library providing various image processing algorithms.

Continuous integration projects are checked and rebuilt after each change. Paperwork's Flatpak repository is also updated after each change.